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 Welcome to has a newly remodeled tennis Equipment Store (see pull down menu bar above). Volume discounts on all products in the store. Save 2% - 25% when you buy 2 or more of any tennis gift or tennis training items. Are you looking for Tennis Strength Training Equipment? If you would like to see ALL tennis training equipment, go to Tennis Training Equipment Slide Show. Check out  Dr. Yessis Active Cords for training medial and lateral rotators, hip flexors,(for getting hips through on shots as well as loading on take back) quads, adductors, abductors, (for first step explosion training) rotator cuff, extensors, flexors, forehand, backhand training and strengthening, all in one handy, compact, mini, blue, duffle bag. Be sure and pick up the instructional Speed, Strength, and Quickness DVD  featuring the use of the Active Cords, ExerRings, Strength Bar, Multi-Speed and Maxi-Speed Bungies, Z-Ball, Shadow Belt. and Yessis Medicine Ball training exercises specific for tennis! Please go to Tennis Resistance Bungies featuring three different lengths and two different strengths for on court and off court training.

If you are suffering from tennis injuries, has a wide selection of rehab tennis equipment. Are you interested in tennis training aids? Would you like to measure the speed of your serve or ground strokes? Go to tennis radar guns.

Are you looking for tennis gifts? If you would like to see ALL tennis gifts, go to Tennis Gifts Slide Show Tennis Jewelry? See tennis jewelry What about tennis awards? Find trophies, medals, dog tags, plaques, acryllic tennis awards.

About the Editor and Publisher: Janice Combs has been involved in pro tennis for over 25 years and is extremely familiar with the ins and outs of the men and women’s pro Futures and Satellite Circuits. She played for Arizona State and San Diego State Universities and participated in numerous pro satellite events throughout the world as well as in the Qualifying of the US Open and Australian Open. While living in Europe for 12 years, she participated in German Team Tennis and coached many players and teams several seasons. She is an extremely good behind-the-scenes person who is very capable of putting together a training program which matches practice partners with players on the tour and at home. If you want to know more about tennis training programs, please go to So Cal Training and Pro Player Offers.

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