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American Tennis "Stars" are like Illegal Aliens on the Pro Tour
by Janice Combs

OK, I wanted to use words like undeserved, inflated rankings, due to USTA wild cards gone wild, but that does not really get the message across. So we can try it like this. People who cross our borders, break all the rules required for citizenship, do not fill out the right paperwork for citizenship, bother to learn English, learn about and study the history of our country and wait it out to become citizens, and continue to pour across our borders bringing disease, and crime (crime just crossing!!!)- is really no big deal--Right????. Not only do they receive all the perks like welfare, healthcare, jobs (do they really need jobs??), drivers licenses, voting privileges, EBT cards, they are also building the Democratic Party! What a win win for the corporations giving countless donations to the Democrats so they will keep their big mouths shut and keep our borders open in order to supply them enough workers so they can make more money.

Well the USTA is not a whole lot different. They have a huge fund raising campaign called the junior tennis tournaments. You pay them and play them and they give you perks! Like an unlimited number of wild cards for winning this and that...make something up...or for no reason at all... to push you ahead of the line and the rest of the world does NOTHING (I repeat NOTHING) about it. How similar to our border problem (oh yeah, it is not a problem...I forgot--don't get called a "racist"). Players from Belarus, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania are starting at the bottom of tennis (does the US player even know what that is? Does the illegal alien want to know what that is????). Eastern Europeans are playing 128 and 64 Qualies for the $10.000's Satellites (Women) and the $10,000's Futures (Men) throughout the world in places like Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Croatia (not that Croatia is bad!!!). A 14 year old used to be able to play  an unlimited amount of women's pro events, then the USTA and ITF shut that down (decided it was unhealthy, might lead to drug addiction (Capriati Rule) to enable more older players to play and give the US wild card girls (women) and boys (grown men) a better chance after they played the juniors up to 18's and even college tennis and especially when their rankings start to fall (how nice!!)!!!. We used to have young phenoms like Capriati, Seles, Graf, Majoli, Hingis--back in the day with unlimited tournaments starting at age 14.

POINTS ARE stacked at the top and meager at the bottom, but the difference in the level of play of the hungry EASTERN EUROPEANS from ages 15 - 19 year olds ranked between 100 and 600 in the world is not a whole lot different from the top 100 in the world. That is why the USTA WILD CARD SYSTEM makes us look a lot better then we really are. If enough wild card sisters and brothers get up in the rankings they can trade off playing each other every week and get the "win" and STAY UP THERE. POINTS ARE STACKED AT THE TOP--not to mention the wild card money being dished out right and left. No wonder Americans look and act like we do. Completely positively full of themselves and spoiled--with that distant blank look traded off with arrogance!!!! And Chris E. has to keep on saying, "if she would just move her feet a little more." How about pay attention. How can you even want to pay attention, when you are all blank inside due to everyone doing everything for you?

Lower point tournaments keep players in the lower ranks (200 - 600) even though they could beat top 100 players---they just  cannot get to them the same way the USTA WILD CARDS allow us to infiltrate the top 100-- OVER AND OVER AGAIN--since there are no rules about wild cards--a USTA player can keep on getting them for years and years--free points and free money!!!  The US has the US OPEN and around 30 Major Tour events for the men and women as well as around 300 Satellites (Futures) and Challengers per year. So that provides a ton of endless wild cards for American players. We are even "trading" GRAND SLAM WILD CARDS NOW WITH FRANCE, GREAT BRITAIN and AUSTRALIA. USTA wild cards allow our American players to skip to the front of the line (or cross the border illegally) to play the top 100 players not once but several times, many, many, many times throughout their careers they will all be put on an IV DRIP OF WILD CARDS. So while the USTA players are playing major tour events winning and losing and losing and winning with unlimited wild cards, the rest of the real world is slowly moving up in the rankings legitimately--not just running across the border to the US OPEN with a WTA ranking of 1250!!!!--- Catherine “CiCi” Bellis. IS IT ANY WONDER EASTERN EUROPE IS KICKING OUR BUTTS? Because they do not have the USTA ruining their careers with wild cards (they are actually the lucky ones). MONEY MONEY MONEY---does not make a true athlete happy or successful. How empty our players should be feeling--but they don't (really feel anything--they are all puppets)--they actually drink the kool-aid and believe they are deserving of them--this is preposterous to say the least. HOW ABSOLUTELY out of it can we be??? But as the illegal alien crosses yet another border, an American is getting his next wild card. And both he/she like the illegal alien think nothing of it!!! The losses do not really hurt, there is always another wild card waiting. Just go out there and tee off on every ball--have a bloody slugfest. Some day they will fall in. Just pick up the check from the wild card and maybe even win a match and pick up 20x more points than you deserve... and move on...with no shame.

Here is my theory about the Catherine “CiCi” Bellis win against CIBULKOVA. BELLIS will be bankrolled and WILD CARDED into the top 50 for the rest of her tennis life. She went out on the court without a fear or care in the world--because she will always receive her wild card dosage as needed. The crowd went into cheerleader mode, clapping and cheering for every Cibulkova mistake--I do not think the audience was filled with SLOVAKIANS!!! US needs a player to get to the top.

RICHARD WILLIAMS said NO to the USTA and did it his way, with STRONG DISCIPLINE, and a general education to his daughters about how us "white turkeys" should really not be dominating tennis. So girls, go show em!!!! and they did. Well when you think about it black people completely dominate the sports world and the music world in the US. So why not tennis???? Anyway, Richard made them champions. And I know they are not complaining about how strict and focused he made them. When Williams' sisters are gone it will be a sad day. Cherish every moment you see them. THEY ARE TENNIS. They don't need wild cards or welfare. They never did.

So we are left with our US illegal alien crowd of players. What a joke--more than a joke--WHAT AN OUTRAGE!!!. Last time I checked illegal aliens were not making our nation strong. Maybe not a good idea to have them.

I hope you caught the Aliaksandra Sasnovich match against Wozniaki. Now she is a star in the making. She had that sinking feeling in her eyes when she felt it slipping away and that this WAS HER BIG CHANCE to make it...and there will not be a slew of wild cards coming her way. THANK GOD for that--lucky girl. She is who I want to see make it for real. She is a legitimate champion in the making. I am a huge fan. She reminds me of my former player--looks like her little sister. Well this is it for now. I better take cover. Any comments??? email me:

Sasnovich WMQ14 (5) (14420470217).jpg
Full name Aliaksandra Alexandrovna Sasnovich
Country  Belarus
Born 22 March 1994 (age 20)
Minsk, Belarus
Prize money $105,296
Career record 124–54
Career titles 11 ITF
Highest ranking 123 (11 August 2014)
Current ranking 125 (18 August 2014)
Grand Slam Singles results
Australian Open Q1 (2014)
French Open Q1 (2014)
Wimbledon Q2 (2014)
US Open 2R (2014)
Career record 57–35
Career titles 6 ITF
Highest ranking 142 (28 October 2013)
Current ranking 201 (18 August 2014)
Team competitions
Fed Cup 6–6
Last updated on: 18 August 2014.

Aliaksandra Sasnovich (Belarusian: Аляксандра Аляксандраўна Сасновіч; born 22 March




US Open 15-Year-Old CiCi Bellis Loses in Juniors

NEW YORK — Sep 2, 2014, 1:30 PM ET


The second round once again proved the downfall for U.S. Open darling CiCi Bellis.

The 15-year-old Californian, who became an overnight sensation when she stunned 12th-seeded Dominika Cibulkova in Flushing Meadows' first round, lost her juniors match Tuesday to 17-year-old Russian Natalia Vikhlyantseva 7-6 (9), 2-6, 6-1.

MY COMMENTS: GO RUSSIA!!!....not even the best players play ITF WORLD JUNIORS. EASTERN EUROPEANS are on the tour by age 14 playing QUALIES for $10,000's in TURKEY, ISRAEL, RUSSIA, CROATIA, ROMANIA trying to work their way up despite the OBSTACLE of the GIRL'S AGE ELIGIBILITY RULE put in place by the USTA AND ITF to promote their own agendas of prolonging JUNIOR TENNIS---$$$$$$!!!! The PROHIBITIVE AGE ELIGIBILITY keep EASTERN EUROPE out of the rankings at a young age!!!! OUTRAGEOUS RULE...but still they come through....but later than they should. USTA WILD CARDS (direct entry into MAJOR TOUR EVENTS, GRAND SLAMS, the list goes on and on... CAN GET THROUGH AT YOUNG AGES--not fair). AGE ELIGIBILITY RULE KEEPS THE REST OF THE YOUNG GIRLS FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD OUT of even the top 200!!!!!

Bellis, the top-seeded girl, frequently shrieked at herself after bad shots, at times saying, "Where's your game?" and "That is so lame!"

It was Bellis' second straight match played on the Grandstand, the third-largest venue, to accommodate her newfound following.

After beating Cibulkova, the Australian Open runner-up, in the main draw to become the youngest player to win a U.S. Open match since 1996, she lost in three sets to Zarina Diyas of Kazakhstan.



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